Friday, April 11

Erase, replace, start from scratch.

Hello my dearly beloved followers/readers/passengers

As you may or may not know, I deleted all my posts from my blog, this also counts for my co-operation with Zalando etc. This does not mean that I will not blog about fashion and beauty and so on anymore, it just means that I matured (a little bit) and found out that there is a lot more to life than this. My blog will be about my life and my adventures in the advertising world as well. However, this still has a bit of a low point, unfortunately.

By the time you read my last posts more than a year ago, I was an unexperienced Communication student in the heart of Antwerp. These days I am a 21 years old Commercial Communication student with some experience! I had an awesome internship in a digital advertising agency in the heart of Antwerp called Make Agency. This agency specializes in online campaigns, website, flash banners and social media campaigns! I could benefit and experience all these aspects of the agency. It really was an awesome time!

These days I'm working on a public awareness campaign for the Antwerp Police Department. There is not much more I can tell about, but I hope it will turn out great! For this project, international students from countries like The Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria will visit us in May!

More adventures will follow!

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